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League Rules (ALL PLAYERS MUST READ) Empty
PostSubject: League Rules (ALL PLAYERS MUST READ)   League Rules (ALL PLAYERS MUST READ) EmptySat Jul 07, 2012 4:14 am

1. Chat rules
-No racism of any kind. Be kind and respectful to other players. No trash talking of other players or teams. Most importantly, have fun.
-Breaking any of these rules will result in a chat ban, and may result in a suspension, or even a blacklist from the league. Don't be stupid.

2. Games
-There are 12 games per week, and every player is allowed to play in only 9 of those 12 games.
-All players must play in at least 2 games per week, unless they don't post their availability for that specific week.
-An owner doesn't have to play a player if they don't post their availability, but it is recommended that they give everyone a chance to play.
-The position you sign up for, is the position you play the entire season. This means a forward can play any forward position, a defensemen can play either left or right D, and a goalie may only play goalie.
-To reduce forfeits, a forward and defensemen may play one game out of position per week, and a goalie may play two games per week out of net.

3. In-Game
-No LB-ing in the offensive zone. It is allowed anywhere else on the ice.
-You may only attempt an auto back-wrap 5 times per game, and only score on this specific goal twice.
-play hockey as you see in the NHL, clean 6v6 hockey. Let's try and make it as realistic as possible.
-Cherry picking is only allowed with 2 minutes left on the game clock when a team is down by 1 or more goals. Other than that, absolutely no cherry picking allowed.

4. Mercy Rule
-The mercy rule takes effect if a team is up by 6 going into or at any point in the 3rd period.
-The losing team has the choice to play it out or take the mercy rule loss.
-If the losing team wants to take the mercy loss, they must message the owner of the other team, telling them they wish to take the mercy. If they want to play it out, they just continue in the game as normal.
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